Start with creating your own free Telegram account if you don’t have one. Telegram has both app for smart phones and app for desktop. Desktop app is recommended for the settings here.

  1. Find an user BotFather in your Telegram app.
  2. Send this message to BotFather


3. BotFather will reply asking you to name your new bot etc. Whatch for important message similar to this

Use this token to access the HTTP API:
Keep your token secure and store it safely, it can be used by anyone to control your bot.

4. Use the token from the message and enter it in HHS4 Big6 profile.

5. Create a Telegram channel from the Telegram Menu (upper left on the desktop app).

Important ! Make sure your channel is PUBLIC

6. Add both yourself and the Bot that you created earlier.

7. Remember the name of your Telegram channel

Attention ! Could be confusing. It is the name that was created as a link like this

Example: I have Channel Big61 however the real name is Big6111 as listed in the link that one creates

8. Enter the name of your Channel in HS4 Big6 chat profile.

Important ! The name must be preceded by @

Example: @Big6111