IMPORTANT ! Big5(legacy) , Big5_HS4 and Big6 are three totally separate and independent plug-ins. By installing Big6 you are adding additional plug-in and not removing or replacing any of the above.

Big5 (legacy) works with HS3 and HS4 (not maintained anymore)

Big5_HS4 works with HS4 only (maintained for support and bug fixes. no new features added)

Big6 works with HS4 only (maintained plus new features being added constantly)

If you have any of the three than there is no urgent need to migrate anything to the new Big6. You can do this gradually at your convenience. While doing it the older versions will keep working for you. You may end up never migrating certain profiles that are working well for you. On the other hand, you may choose Big6 for the new profiles that you create in order to take advantage of the new features that we add constantly to Big6..

If you are still running Big5 (legacy) than it may serve you for many more years but if you are curious what new features Big6 does offer than click here for a list of new features that Big6 have and we keep adding more.

A. Migrating the profiles (automatically one at a time).

Follow the steps below to migrate from Big5 (legacy) to Big6

  1. Make sure that you have both Big5(legacy) and Big6 installed, activated up and running.
  2. Go to Plugins–>Big6–>Profiles Configuration
  3. Select one of the profile categories that you are going to migrate from the top bar menu ( e.g. HTTP, MQTT, TCP …)
  4. Click the “++” button.
  5. A list of all Big5 (legacy) profiles will appear on the screen.
  6. Select the profile that you want to migrate to Big6 and click the button “import” to the right of the profile name.
  7. Big6 profile window will open with all the data of the migrated profile. Click “save changes”.
  8. IMPORTANT ! Remove (delete) the Big5(legacy) profile that you migrated to Big6 in order to avoid port conflicts. If for some reason you want to keep the old profile than please make sure to assign different ports to the new profile.

B. Migrating the events.

IMPORTANT ! Only Big5 (legacy) profiles are subject to automatic migration from Big5 (legacy) to Big6. Events can not be migrated automatically (beyond Big6 control) and need to be manually adjusted to use the new profiles.

B1. Big5 (legacy) action items

  1. Change the Big5 (legacy) action to Big6 action from the action drop-down menu in HS4 event.

B2. Big5 (legacy) triggers directly in events

  1. Take a note of the Big5(legacy) trigger(s) if any? For example: “Starts with: 00!”
  2. Go to “Trigger” drop down box and choose Big6 trigger. Enter the content from p.1 above. For example: “Starts with: 00!”
  3. Save the new trigger.
  4. Delete the old trigger.
  5. Repeat 2. through 4. above as many times as needed in case of multiple triggers.