Added in version

  1. Four more HTTP authentication methods.

oAuth2 – (exiting)

Basic (new)

Bearer Token (new)

Digest (new)

JWT (new)

2. Improved trigger – Big6 Expressions can trigger HS4 events now

The existing triggers stay ( string match, number match or on/off match) and the RegEx trigger was replaced by Big6 Expression trigger that is more universal, easier to use and test (in the sandbox) and it also includes RegEx as subset. So there is much to gain and nothing to lose. See all Big6 expressions here.

3. HTTP POST, PUT and DELETE can use parameter in the URL now.


If HTTP POST controls your audio and you need to send out commands to







than you would need 6 HTTP POST Profiles in previous versions of the plug-in

You need only one profile now.


There are two lines in the HS4 Big6 HTTP action now, one for the Payload and one for the “Input” that goes in the URL to replace ${Input}

4. Big6 Ping

Big6Ping – New Big6 action that allows ping of unlimited devices and importing the results in HS4 as device/features. This is an useful feature to track presence of people by ping-ing their smart phones or to get reports on important servers, routers, access points whether they are online or not. See more here

5. Remote access to all profiles using

No need to have static IP address for your home, no port forwarding, no opening your firewall for Big6 to work remotely. All you need is MyHS account at ( see your HS support rep if you need help with that).

Please note that HS recommends to use this server for access to MyHS

Here is the Big6 command for access to all of your Big6 profiles[your MyHS user name]&pass=[your MyHS password]&request=pluginfunction&plugin=Big6&function=XXX&P1=[Big6_Profile_Name]&P2=[Your message here]&P3=[topic/group for MQTT and Chat only]

Where the function = XXX is one of the 6 Big6 profile types as shown below. Replace XXX with one of the following







6. Telnet and SSH is available starting v. 3.47

Telnet and SSH is available now. Those are higher level protocols that ride on top of TCP. There is a drop down box now in TCP profile settings to select one of them if and as needed. They work only on outgoing TCP connections when Big6 is the TCP client. In this regard, the “listening” box must be unchecked in order to use Telnet and SSH.

Typical use cases is when your equipment requires Telnet to control it or get the status of it or if you need to do things remotely on your Linux machines such as Raspberry Pi.

7. Telegram Chat is supported effective v. 3.54

Telegram Chat became quite popular lately. Moreover it is the chat platform of choice for many developers who integrate their products with Telegram. Chat documentation here was updated by adding details how to add Telegram chat.

8. Chat GPT AI knows Big6 and can help with Big6 expressions

Big6 is designed to be used by non-programmers with no knowledge of any programming language or any programming skills. However Big6 is not a magician and when your device reports with some long and complex responses you may need to “tell” Big6 where to find the desired information. This is when Big6 expressions come in play. Most expressions are simple and easy well documented at the tab “Expressions” above. In rare occasions you may need more complex expression and this is where Chat GPT can help. It is very important to use the correct “prompt”.

Here is an example of a prompt that worked

“Please provide an expression for Big6 plug-in for HomeSeer to find “altitude” in the following JSON. The expression should look like this ${JSON(input,….)} (attach the JSON here).

As it is typical for AI, you may need to try few times before you get the correct expression. Always test the expressions in Big6 sand box available at HS4->Plugins–>Big6–>Documentation