Creating Chat profile.

Big6 does support two messaging platforms effective Big6 version




You need Slack account (free) to use the Slack Chat features of Big6. 

Detailed instructions of how to setup your FREE Slack account are provided here.

Detailed instructions of how to setup your FREE Telegram account are provided here.

You may also click on the “i” button in the menu for a nice short description of what to do if this would be easier for you.

You need Telegram account (free) and Telegram channel (free) in order to use Telegram chat features of Big6. 


Name. Pick the name of the Chat profile. It will be used for all future references and for the names of HS4 devices created by Big6.

Chat provider: Select one Slack or Telegram

OAuth Token: Follow the instructions at the links provided above for Slack and Telegram to obtain one and enter it.

Channel: Follow the instructions to create Slack or Telegram account and during the process you’ll name your channel that you enter here. Must be the same you created in Slack or Telegram.

Important ! The name of the Telegram channel must be preceded by @

Example: @Big6channel

See “Create a profile” page for setting up the the rest of the profile. Everything below the middle horizontal line is same for all profiles and covered very well in “Create a profile” section.