Full REST and JSON support was added in v.1.18 and later. Also JSON functionality was added to Big5 RegEx for parsing JSON files for strings and numbers. GET, POST, PUT and DELETE commands are supported.

Custom headers were added to the HTTP profile effective v1.18 and later.

Big5 now creates multiple HS3 devices at once effective v 1.20 and later. Use && to separate multiple devices names and values. Example :Names: test1 && JSON(input, “name”) && str(181) where the first one is simple text, the second one is a string retrieved from the incoming JSOn file and the third one is a string derived from an existing HS3 device. Same is valid for the Values: box in the profile. Make sure that the number of names separated with && matches the number of values separated by &&.

Effective v 1.21 and later you can change the default Floor and Room of the Big5 devices and Big5 will still find them and update them later if and when an update arrives over the communication channel.

New check box “num as string” was added to profiles effective v 1.24 and later. If checked the value that goes to HS3 device created/updated by Big5 will also go to the string field of the same device as a string.

Effective v 1.24 and later there is a new “Request/Response” box in the HTTP profile. It is optional. Please make sure you remove the sample text there if not needed. This box can contain any info that you want to send out to the remote party. As far as the remote party can be either HTTP server or HTTP client (if the HTTP profile is “listening” profile) the box is called Request/Response. You can put diverse content here from standard text to complex RegEx including using HS3 devices status, strings and values.

Effective v 1.24 and later you can’t use Big5 actions on “listening” profiles. If you want your “listening” profile (server) to respond to a remote client than you can use the “Request\Response” box in the profile.

Effective v 1.28 and later “Device create expression” is “Device affect expression” in the profiles. If this expression is “false” than devices will NOT be created OR updated by Big5.

Effective v 1.28 and later a new check box “persistent” was added to the TCP profile. See TCP profile description here for details.

Effective v 1.30 and later
– Slack messaging improved. No longer necessary to download and install Slack .dll file anymore. It’s all part of Big5 now.
– NEW tool – report of all ports taken by Big5.
– Use of RegEx in the “Extra headers” box is possible now.
– Command ${Numbers(input)….} works with positive and negative numbers now.

Effective v1.31 and later

– Big5 will not use NewtonSoft.Json.dll anymore going forward

– HS3 devices created by Big5 will allow and show custom controls (via status-graphics in HS3)*

– HS3 devices created by Big5 will trigger HS3 events by value/string set and change.

* for newly created devices only. If this feature is important to you than delete your old HS3 devices and let Big5 create new ones.

**** NEW **** Big5_HS4 is a new plug-in developed under the guidelines of HS4. It is separate and independent plug-in from the legacy Big5 that works in both HS3 and HS4 environments.

Big5_HS4 was introduced in Feb. 2021. It is available for purchase in HomeSeer online store. Discount is available to legacy Big5 registered users.

Big5_HS4 has totally new design, however it retains most of the functionality and features of the legacy Big5 plus new features and improvements are added. With this said the design principles imposed by HS4 do change some of the functionality and some users still like the legacy Big5 better. There is nothing wrong with it as it works with both HS3 and HS4. You can run both the legacy plug-in Big5 and the new one Big5_HS4 simultaneously.

This page outlines the major new features of Big5_HS4. Click here to see it